sustainability in our value chain

We strive to satisfy our customers’ demand for high-quality foods and household products, without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

Products with as little environmental impact as possible are contemporary quality
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Our product portfolio plays a significant role in our impact on people and the environment. Each brand in our portfolio is unique and has its own individual sustainability challenges. Our portfolio includes our own Arvid Nordquist Coffee and Tea, which we manage ourselves. In addition, we represent several food brands and certain wine and beer producers. These producers share many of the same sustainability challenges that we have with our coffee. In addition, we have our Non Food products within laundry and cleaning, skin care and batteries, which tend to have very different challenges to those seen for food and beverages. Common to several of these brands is that they are manufactured in, or source raw materials from, countries far away, which brings an extra level of responsibility.

Our responsibility is to try to prevent any adverse effects that may arise from our operations. We do this by analysing risks and mapping actions in our supply chain.

Sustainablility in our value chain

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