Developing sales

  • Knowledge of the market and defining the target group
  • Benchmarking and style development-content and packaging
  • PR priority
  • Investment in marketing

 Achieving new listings

  • Building permanent listings through the ordering assortment
  • Pre-working monopoly tenders
  • Flexibility – we listen to the costumer


  • Complete on-trade organization
  • We are only one of six suppliers with access to the NORES purchasing organization that wmbraces 400+ top restaurants and hotels
  • We cover all channels to the customer – agreements with all major wholesalers but also with the capacity for direct delivery


Arvid Nordquist HAB strives to be a good employer and a good global citizen. High moral standards and ethics are natural parts of our work for continuous improvement.


- Long-term commitments

- Enviromental certifications to ISO 14001 since 2003

- Active CSR working alongside our global partners

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Our Brands

Our Brands

We work with producers from all over the world

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