Our actions to


Greenhouse gas emissions from the lifecycle of our products are the key contributor to our carbon footprint. At the same time, our operations are directly affected by the climate and therefore a major risk to our business.

Arvid Nordquist Coffee

  • We will halve the climate emissions associated with Arvid Nordquist Coffee by 2030 (base year 2014), covering Scopes 1, 2 and 3.
  • Most of our coffee has been deforestation-free since 2014 and we are working towards the transition to regenerative farming methods.
  • Our roasted coffee beans are exclusively on biofuel.
  • Our coffee packaging is made of ISCC-certified renewable plastic derived from Finnish tall oil; a by-product of the pulping process sourced from sustainably managed forests.
  • We aim to reduce the energy consumption per kg of roasted coffee by 10 % by 2025.
  • Where we cannot cut emissions, we off-set through forestry projects in coffee-growing countries. 


Arvid Nordquist Food & Confectionery, Wine & Beer and Non Food

  • Our goal is that by 2025, all brands and producers we represent will have climate targets with transparent follow-up or be affiliated to the Science Based Targets Initiative.
  • By 2025, all packaging materials will be 100 percent recyclable. For our Non-Food products, there is also a goal to increase the proportion of recycled plastic (PCR).

Arvid Nordquist Group

  • Our business relies solely on wind- and hydro-based electricity and energy certified “Good Environmental Choice” by the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation.
  • By 2025, our own transport flow will be 100 % fossil-free and we will reduce emissions linked to inbound transport by 10%.
  • Our company cars must be 100% electric or electric hybrid throughout the Nordic region.
  • We have reduced emissions linked to business travel by 32 % (base year 2019) and have already achieved our long-term target figures for 2025.
  • Arvid Nordquist donates food to social food stores "Matmissionen". In this way, we reduce our food waste while generating social benefits by alleviating food poverty and ensuring that more people are employed.

In addition to this, we are an active member of several industry collaborations to reduce our climate impact: DLF & Fossil Free Sweden’s Roadmap for Fossil Free CompetitivenessFood Retail Sector. Together, we work to identify and implement sustainable solutions and report on our progress.

We are affiliated with the Science Based Targets initiative and report our environmental data through CDP.