What is the mass balance approach?

The mass balance approach means that conventional plastic is mixed with bioplastic in the total output from the factory. It is an approach used not only in the packaging industry but also, for example, by providers of green electricity. Our bioplastic is derived from Finnish tall oil, which is a by-product from the forestry industry. We use 100% bioplastic but since our material needs are less than 100% of the total output from the factory, we cannot guarantee that each item of packaging contains exactly 100% percentage of bioplastic.  However, ISCC certify that the supplier has included the total volume of bioplastic we have ordered.

What does ISCC certified mean?

ISCC certified means that a third-party auditor has verified that the manufacturer has purchased the volume of bioplastic corresponding to the volume sold by the manufacturer. And has done so in accordance with ISCC standards. ISCC is a globally recognised organisation with a certification system covering all sustainable raw materials, including biomass, wood pulp, circular and bio-based materials and renewable energy sources.

Why use the mass balance approach?

For manufacturers to produce bioplastic only, they would either need to build entirely new plants or completely re-configure their existing plants.
This would require significant investments and sadly global demand for bioplastic is still limited.
Demand is however increasing and the mass balance approach allow the industry to gradually build up the economies of scale needed.

What is the renewable element made from?

Tall oil, which is a by-product from the forestry industry, or more specifically pulp production, in Finland.

Why bioplastic and not recycled plastic?

It is always good to use materials that are already in the eco-cycle, such as recycled plastic. However, apart from the PET bottle, which has its own collection system, recycled plastic is not permitted for use in packaging which is in direct contact with edibles. Also, the vacuum-technique which we use to keep our ground coffee fresh requires a material with high elasticity. Currently recycled plastic is not of sufficient quality.

How do I recycle my coffee packaging?

The packaging material is 100% recyclable and should be sorted as plastic.