Code of conduct

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Arvid Nordquist HAB's code of conduct aims to define the values ​​and principles that guide us in our business.

Arvid Nordquist relies on the code of conduct developed by Amfori/BSCI, the Business Social Compliance Initiative. This means that Arvid Nordquist must live up to the requirements set by BSCI, but also that we make the same demands on our partners and subcontractors. We also have a responsibility to ensure that the code of conduct is followed. We do this through risk assessments and control over how our suppliers and partners ensure compliance with the code. Production in countries with a high risk of unsustainable labor and environmental practices is best secured by audits in accordance with BSCI, Sedex, Fairtrade, Rainforest Alliance or other system that covers the parts addressed in our Code of Conduct.

Our code of conduct includes Amfori BSCI's 13 principles, which you can read more about in the link below.

For Arvid Nordquist HAB, responsibility for the environment in the value chain is as important as consideration for people. We have corresponding expectations of our partners and their subcontractors and have therefore supplemented our code of conduct.

We expect and work for an open and transparent collaboration, that our partners and their subcontractors must have an active environmental work that exceeds statutory requirements and an environmental management system comparable to ISO 14001. The environmental work should address the great challenges of our time such as:

  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions in line with the Paris Agreement
  • Reduce the use of unwanted chemicals
  • The preservation of biological diversity and reduced deforestation
  • Improved soil health
  • Limit the use of water resources
  • The need for energy-efficient and circular packaging
  • Sustainable waste management

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