Cookie policy

What are cookies?

Cookies are small data files that a web server can send to your computer to identify it during your visit. Cookies can improve communication between your browser and a website, leading to faster and easier use of the site's features. Cookies can be persistent for a shorter or longer period of time depending on the purpose, but also non-persistent, which will disappear as soon as you end your visit to the site. When you visit a website, you can receive cookies both from the site owner and from partners and advertisers to the site; so-called third-party cookies.

Cookies and marketing

Cookies can be used to identify your user behavior on the Internet and match you as a user to marketing audiences. The purpose of audience-targeted marketing is to show relevant ads to the user. The higher the relevance, the better experience for you as a user and more effective marketing for the sender. One way to succeed is to identify the behavior, search patterns and visitor history of users, via cookies. The identification is anonymous and tells the marketing platform that there is a user with a certain interest that fits in a specific target group. The purpose of the cookie is not to share sensitive personal data with third parties.

Can I refuse cookies?

Your browser offers you the choice to view all cookies stored on your computer, delete cookies and select settings that prevent cookies from specific websites from being stored on your computer, or that cookies are stored at all. Since this is controlled from your browser, we recommend that you look at the settings for each browser you use. We cannot influence your personal cookie settings and it is your responsibility to manage these settings in your browser.

Keep in mind: Choosing cookies may cause features on a site to become cumbersome and clearly impair the user experience, or alternatively some services will not work at all without cookies.

We use the following types of cookies on our website:

First-party cookies

Cookie that prevents pop-up messages from recurring several times during a single visit to the site.
Cookie that saves the age setting if you visit the wine pages.
Cookie that saves language setting for the site, during the visit.

Third-party cookies

Google Analytics

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