SC Johnson

committed to making the world better today for future generations

Since their founding, SC Johnson – a fifth-generation family company, has been a company with the ambition to make the world a better place today and for future generations. Not just by creating iconic, high-quality products but by working every day to help make a world where people can thrive. They prioritize taking action on initiatives that drive transformative change on pressing environmental and health issues.


For a More Sustainable World

SC Johnson is rethinking a path to a future with less plastic waste and continuing progress toward a circular economy. At the same time, also finding ways to reduce the impact of their operations and use resources responsibly. Here some highlights of their recent progress:

  • Global greenhouse gas emissions are down 66% since 2000.
  • More than a third of energy use from renewable sources.
  • 22% of packaging includes post-consumer recycled content.
  • 55% of packaging is recyclable, reusable or compostable.
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For a Healthier world

As one of the largest manufacturers of insect repellent, household pest control and cleaning products, SC Johnson is working every day toward a stronger, healthier tomorrow. This means working to reduce mosquito-borne disease and increase health education around the globe.

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For a more transparent world

Safety comes first, and at SC Johnson science guides the ingredient choices they make. SC Johnson assesses every ingredient used for its potential impact on human health and the environment, and then they also communicate transparently about the content of their products.

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For a World with More Opportunity

SC Johnson collaborates with partners to support youth, inspire innovation and broaden access to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) learning and empower underserved communities. Making an impact in local and Global communities.

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Human Rights

For more than a century, SC Johnson has been guided by certain basic principles like integrity, responsibility, and respect, having a zero-tolerance policy for human trafficking or slavery, and unequivocally support the human rights of their workforce and the workforce of their global suppliers. SC Johnson’s Supplier Code of Conduct specifies the requirements for their suppliers in four key areas: Human Rights and Labor; Safety, Health and Environment; Sustainability; and Business Ethics.

SC Johnson suppliers must stay up-to-date with best practices and maintain all documentation and records required to demonstrate compliance with the standards of the Supplier Code of Conduct. They also must submit to audits or inspections as required by SC Johnson, and certify their respective compliance with the Code.

Along with internal processes and supplier-provided information, SC Johnson partner with Suppliers Ethical Data Exchange (SEDEX) to identify, assess and manage any social or ethical risks in its supply chain.  The company uses independent, third-party audit firms to conduct onsite audits, based upon the SEDEX Member Ethical Trade Audit’s 4 pillar protocol. SC Johnson’s Supplier Code of Conduct allows to conduct audits without prior notice. The company also offers an Ethics and Compliance Hotline 24/7 through which concerns can be reported, including anonymously if desired.

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