Taste experiences and contemporary quality

Taste experiences and contemporary quality

Arvid Nordquist HAB is a Swedish family-owned company that has focused on great taste experiences and high-quality products since its beginnings in 1884. Our range includes food, our own coffee roasted in-house, wines, beers and since 2016 also non food products. We currently have 286 employees across the Nordic countries, working together to offer the best taste experiences and products, while doing our utmost to improve people’s lives and minimise environmental and climate impact. Modern quality is about a product having as little environmental impact as possible.

Our business

We operate in four different product categories – Food, Wine & Beer, Coffee and Non Food. We have sales and marketing organisations in all four Nordic countries. We focus on all channels in which food is sold, and we conduct more than 100,000 sales visits per year. Our portfolio comprises brands that we own, develop and produce ourselves, plus brands that we represent. Our customers are supermarkets, alcohol monopolies, the restaurant sector and the office catering market in the Nordics – but also the owners of the brands that we represent.


"We are the best partner - our customers feel inspired with us. We deliver strong brands with outstanding quality, service & value with people and the environment in mind."

Our service

We have a presence in all four Nordic countries and in every channel that involves food.

Our experience goes back a long way

The fact that we have been active in our market for over a hundred years is no guarantee of continued success. Every day we strive to give our customers the best possible service. We are constantly developing our business by always working to improve.

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