"We are a family business. With us you can be sure that your efforts will be rewarded and you will be able to make a difference. You will work with products that connect with many people. You will never lack a talking point around the dinner table. We work with taste experiences and products that make everyday life that little bit easier. We also strive to ensure that their production shows consideration for people and the environment. Does that sound interesting and, above all, fun? If you are also a motivated person who enjoys being part of a strong team and contributing to success, don’t hesitate to talk to us."

We want

Responsible, motivated employees with their own initiative, a good head for business and an excellent capacity for collaboration. Digital skills are also a plus.


No vacancies at present


We are a knowledge company with short decision-making and reporting paths. We have long-term and sustainable values and provide quality products and service. Work is always fast-paced with a great deal of international contact. You can join us on a journey to success and write food retail history. Together with your colleagues, you can actively help to reduce impacts on people and the environment.