100% arabica beans


100% arabica beans

Coffee should taste good. Which is why we use only the finest beans, with a rich and complex flavour, grown under the very best conditions.

Carefully chosen farms and sources – the key to a delicious blend 

Our coffee always comprises 100% sustainability certified Arabica beans of quality grades AA+, SHG and Excelso, which grow at high altitudes and ripen slowly to produce a broad spectrum of nuanced flavours, rich aromas and fruity character. We buy beans from all over the world, and finding the best is a continuous process. We do this in partnership with farmers and exporters, but above all through tastings. We always work with selected farms and sources. Our Master Blender Philippe then carefully picks out which beans to put in our blends. Our coffee contains 65% washed beans. This is a slightly more expensive process, but it gives the coffee its balanced acidity.

Passion for coffee

We are pleased that our passion for the quality of our coffee is so appreciated by our consumers – over 50 percent of coffee consumers interviewed in an annual quantitative survey state that Arvid Nordquist has the best coffee beans. Arvid Nordquist’s Master Blender Philippe Barreca is also much in demand as a judge in the Cup of Excellence – a yearly competition to find the best produced coffee in different countries.