plan vivo

At Arvid Nordquist coffee, we climate-compensate by purchasing compensation certificates from tree-planting projects. Plan Vivo is the organisation that ensures that our tree-planting projects meet the requirements for climate compensation: additionality, management of leakage and permanence.

Plan Vivo is a recognised organisation within the trading of voluntary climate compensation. They are specialised in reducing greenhouse gases by promoting the sustainable cultivation of forested areas and the planting of trees.

Plan Vivo has developed a regulatory framework which must be adhered to in the development, implementation and following-up of forestry and tree-planting projects. They also issue compensation certificates - the definitive proof that climatic benefit has been achieved - which are sold to compensating organisations. In addition to the projects having to be of benefit to the climate, Plan Vivo also sets other requirements on, for example, the project's contribution to biological diversity and improved standards of living in the area.

Plan Vivo is goverened by the Plan Vivo Foundation - a non-profit foundation based in Edinburgh. The Plan Vivo System was initiated by the Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Management, in collaboration with Edinburgh University, in 1994 and today manages environmental projects in several different countries. All the projects are checked regularly by a third party, in addition to the continuous monitoring conducted by the local environmental organisations which operate the projects. Compensation certificates are issued by the Plan Vivo Foundation and their trade can be followed in a register which is administered by Markit* .

*Markit - A register which records all the Plan Vivo certificates that have been sold. Markit provides a global financial and transparent information service in different industries. Read more at

The ordering of tree-planting takes place via Plan Vivo, which receives payment. Plan Vivo then holds the payment as a deposit for the local organisation which carries out the actual tree-planting together with the farmers. With regard to Arvid Nordquist's initiatives, the local organisation which carries out the tree-planting is called Taking Root.

Withdrawals from the deposit may be made as and when the project is in need of resources, and when the payments to farmers are due; all in accordance with the technical specification for the project which Plan Vivo has approved.

Trees are planted in Nicaragua during the late spring, before the rainy season begins. To confirm that the tree-planting has been paid for, the independent environmental consultancy company appointed by Arvid Nordquist, U&We, issues a certificate, an order confirmation, and then an acknowledgment of receipt of payment from Plan Vivo.

In accordance with the Plan Vivo standard, official certificates (so-called "carbon credits") are issued when the project has submitted its annual report, which is to be approved by Plan Vivo. The annual report contains, among other things, confirmation by a third party that the trees have been planted and that the trees planted during the previous year are still standing. Normally, this means that the certificates are issued during the spring of the year following that year for which the annual report applies.

Thereafter, Plan Vivo registers the issued certificates and their buyers with Markit, which is an independent company offering financial information services. Markit publishes, amongst other things, all trading of emissions quotas and compensation certificates.