How we perform our climate calculations

To calculate the greenhouse-gas emissions generated by the production of Arvid Nordquist coffee, we have commissioned the environmental consultancy company U&We. The calculation covers the entire production chain, from farm to store shelf. The calculations are based on the Kyoto Protocol's definition of greenhouse gases (the amount of the gases are standardized and presented as CO2 equivalents (CO2e), i.e.

-Carbon dioxide
-Nitrous oxide
-Sulfur hexafluoride

The emissions of greenhouse gases have been converted to CO2 equivalents based on their relative impact on the climate. The models that are used as bases for the calculations are:  

-Greenhouse Gas Protocol
-ISO 14644
-PAS 2060  

Specific data has been used wherever possible. In such cases where the origin of the bean cannot be traced to the exact farm, the emission calculation for the cultivation process has been based on the country data available. This is in accordance with the EPD system*. Selection of data has been made in accordance with the precautionary principle, which means that the calculated emissions are likely to be higher than the actual emissions.

Arvid Nordquist coffee's greenhouse-gas emissions for each part of the production chain are:

CULTIVATION = 16,400 tonnes CO2e  TRANSPORTATION = 1,700 tonnes CO2e ROASTING + PACKAGING= (50/50) = 2,200 tonnes CO2e TRANSPORTATION = 500 tonnes CO2e TOTAL = 20,800 tonnes CO2e

We make climate declarations for our coffee using a measurement of CO2e tonnes both per kilogram and per cup of coffee, in compliance with the relevant regulations and standards.   Total carbon dioxide emissions: 2.8kg CO2e/kg roasted coffee 0.023kg CO2e/cup of coffee

We compensate for all greenhouse gases generated by the production of Arvid Nordquist coffee, from its cultivation to its appearance on a shelf in a store or at a retailer, by the purchasing of climate-compensation certificates. Each certificate is traceable with a unique serial number.

* EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) is a system for describing the environmental characteristics of products and services.



Arvid Nordquist's climate initiative is conducted in conjunction with sustainability consultants U&We. U&We call themselves a "Catalyst for Good Business", which is based on the belief that profitable business can be compatible with social and environmental responsibility.

ZeroMission is U&We's climate service and is aimed at companies and organisations who want to take a leading role in effecting positive climate change and who want to integrate climate initiatives into business strategies. ZeroMission weaves together climate analysis, education, far-reaching strategies and measures for reducing emissions, with climate compensation and communication.   The company is our collaborative partner when calculating our carbon footprint and working with climate compensation. The procedures of U&We and of their subcontractors are checked regularly by the accredited auditor Revideco. One way in which this is done is by visiting the Plan Vivo projects with which U&We are involved, in various developing countries, and performing on-the-spot audits.