Lenor Softener

Lenor Softener

Make the clothes less wrinkled

Reduces static electricity

Gives a fresh and soft feeling

Noora by Lenor Softener

For a fantastic and irresistible fresh laundry result, use Lenor softener with Ariel's detergent both liquid and powder. Lenor takes care of your clothes - it's not just about fresh textiles, but about clothes that will last longer! Did you know, by the way, that Lenor comes from Latin's "lentis" and means soft.


- The first automatic washing machine was launched
- Consumers looking for extra laundry benefits, beyond cleaning
- Lenor was first launched in 1963 in Germany!


- Introduction of the concentrate softener formula.


- Lenor launched perfume micro Capsules. Prior to this, 90% of the active freshness ingredients would disappear in wash water.