Risks in our coffee-growing countries - the importance of third-party certified beans

Risks in our coffee-growing countries - the importance of third-party certified beans

In many of the countries which produce coffee, there are risks regarding both working environments and working conditions. Corruption and child labour are not uncommon in many of the cultivating countries. This places demands on importers to be especially careful and to take responsibility. Arvid Nordquist wants to ensure that working conditions are fair and that consideration is shown to the environment throughout the entirety of the production chain. We act against discrimination and child labour.

The first Swedish 100%-sustainable certified roasting house Since June 2014, we at Arvid Nordquist guarantee that sustainable farming practices, sustainable working environments and sustainable working conditions are used at every stage of our coffee production. We do this by using a combination of beans which are certified in accordance with UTZ, Fairtrade, Rainforest Alliance and KRAV.

These established certification systems have comprehensive criteria covering environmental protection, improved agricultural practices, the working environment and workers' rights. They also work to counter the use of child labour and discrimination. But the most important aspect is that the consumer can be sure that an annual review by a third party has taken place. This means that an impartial and independent operator confirms that the farmer complies with all the criteria demanded by the certification. The UTZ certification also shares knowledge with the farmer regarding improved farming practices in order to increase quality which, in turn, contributes to a further improvement in economic conditions. Over 90% of the coffee beans in Arvid Nordquist's basic selection are certified by UTZ.

"Food that is produced with consideration to people and the environment tastes better, pure and simple" - Anders Nordquist, CEO Arvid Nordquist HAB.

Footnote: In 2013, 38% of Arvid Nordquist's coffee was certified, and the total proportion of certified coffee in the industry as a whole was 15%.