Sustainability targets
Our targets for 2020:

Our targets for 2020:

  1. 80% certified products
    • (100% Coffee / 75% Wine & Beer / 50% Food)
  2. 50% fossil-free business
    • (deliveries / processing / distribution)
  3. 100% audited agents and suppliers
    • via eSAT
  4. 90% of people will associate Arvid Nordquist with sustainability.
    • Customers, suppliers, agents, employees and coffee consumers

How will we meet our targets?

  1. We will identify our impact on the environment and people along every link in our value chain
  2. We will identify where there is a risk of any breach in international agreements, national legislation or the UN Global Compact
  3. We will draw up a clear plan for corrective measures and continuous improvement
  4. We will implement relevant measures and activities within each area of the company in order to maintain a sustainable business for the long term

Read more about our sustainability work in Arvid Nordquist Sustainability report.