KWV - Integrity & Sustianability
The Winery KWV

The Winery KWV

Integrity & Sustainability certification is a comprehensive sustainability program for Wine production in South Africa covering all stages of wine production and that also ensure full traceability. KWV was among the first to certify their wines under this scheme and all its wines are today audited and labelled with "Integrity & Sustainability".

The work on the system began in 1998, and from the outset KWV was a significant and active member of the industry organisations that drove the programme forward. The first wine producers were certified in 2010, with the regulations covering the following core points:

  • Careful controls over which chemicals may be used, when and how.No residues may remain after harvesting
  • Transition to biological methods of pest control
  • Controls over water use and treatment
  • Recycling programme for materials used in production
  • Reduction of energy use
  • Safe working conditions
  • Food safety

KWV was among the first to certify its wines according to this system, and all the company’s wines now carry the Integrity & Sustainability label. Compliance with the programme is checked by an independent control body which conducts detailed inspections according to a random schedule, where each producer is inspected once every three years, on average. Since KWV works with over 30 contracted vineyards, around one third of its production is thus inspected each year.