Why are we committed to sustainability issues?

Why are we committed to sustainability issues?

Arvid Nordquist has been in existence for 130 years. We sell food and drink, products that are deeply rooted in the landscape. We are thus dependent on a thriving ecosystem, even as we contribute to the stresses placed on it.

If Arvid Nordquist is to be around for another 130 years, we are therefore bound to take environmental and responsibility issues seriously and reduce our impact on the environment, while also contributing to improved working conditions and working environments in our value chain. We are entirely reliant on people wanting to, and being able to, grow ingredients for our products long into the future.

What does sustianability mean to us?

For Arvid Nordquist, sustainability means taking responsibility for the environment, the people and the economy of our own organisation, as well as our value chain and wider society.

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