Sustainability vision

Sustainability vision

Arvid Nordquist has always focused on how our customers relate to taste. More than ever, we eat with our conscience – food produced with care and responsibility tastes better: - We take responsibility for the whole of our value chain, from farm to consumer. - We help to increase knowledge on how sustainability and taste go hand-in-hand – a good aftertaste is always part and parcel of a good taste. - We promote respect and long-term commitment in our business relations

Sustainability Report
Certification guide

Certification guide

Coffee and other food products can have several different certifications that  all have different objectives and focus areas. Not many people know what they mean. We help you sort out what some of the different labels stand for.

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Our Sustainability targets

Our Sustainability targets

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Sustainability in Practice

Arvid Nordquist Coffee
Arvid Nordquist Coffee →
The coffee with a great taste and an even better aftertaste.
KWV Winery
KWV Winery →
Sustainability in one of South Africa's largest vineyards
Hipp baby food
Hipp baby food →
Sustinability in all details
We_Change →
Sustainability cooperation with

ISI 14001 & ISO 22000

- Security for you as a customer -

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