CEO’s Statement

CEO’s Statement

In 2014, we took the step of offering only sustainable, certified coffee to our customers and consumers. This was a major decision, as finding a certified coffee of the quality we demand and at reasonable prices represents a challenge. But it was also an important decision to enable us to guarantee consideration for people and the environment in our value chain. It is therefore pleasing to confirm, one year on, that our customers and consumers have welcomed our decision and are choosing our coffee to an even greater extent than before.

Demand for organic foods in particular has risen in recent years, with amazing figures, and the biggest increase of all has been at Systembolaget. We are delighted to see customer demand heading in the same direction as our efforts to reduce the company’s impact on the environment and people. We are therefore offering an increasingly wide range of sustainability-labelled products, including everything from coffee, children’s foods and sweets to wine. We are constantly scanning the market to further develop our portfolio of food products that have both good taste and a good after-taste.

To make it easier for our customers and consumers to find their way around the large number of different labels that we and others are using, we have also produced a certification guide that can be downloaded here on our website. Take a look under the sustainability tab to find a review of our labels, with differences and similarities. We have begun our journey towards a sustainable Arvid Nordquist, and we hope that as many of our suppliers, customers and consumers as possible will join us on this journey.

Best regards,


Anders Nordquist