What are organic sweets?

What are organic sweets?

Sour, salty and sweet! Organic sweets that taste of juicy peach, real liquorice root and sweet cocoa beans, Ekorrens Ekologiska offers a healthier alternative to conventionally produced sweets.

The entire Ekorrens Ekologiska range is certified organic. Plus all carbon emissions are offset. In addition, many of our sweets are vegetarian, gluten-free and lactose-free. In our range, you'll find favourites such as cola bottles, liquorice wheels, jelly hearts and chocolate – but made with organic, natural ingredients.

100% natural

The ingredients for Ekorrens Ekologiska sweets come from organic farming. This means that the farmers neither use chemical pesticides, fertilisers nor grow GM crops. In addition, they ensure that their livestock enjoys a life that is as natural as possible.

It is what it tastes of

All the flavours and colours in our sweets come from real fruits, berries and plants. If a sweet tastes of strawberry, that's because it contains real strawberry! Not a trace of artificial colouring. No artificial sweeteners or preservatives. Also, we don't use flavour enhancers, hydrogenated fats, GM-farmed ingredients and other oddities.


In large quantities, sugar is not healthy. But we are confident that unrefined organic cane sugar is much healthier than aspartame, acesulfame and other artificial sweeteners that are used in the typical sugar-free options. No one knows what happens in our bodies when all these artificial substances are mixed.

Ekorrens Ekologiska sweets contain no artificial colours or flavours. No artificial sweeteners or preservatives. No trans fats or unsustainably produced palm oil. So the difference between organic and conventional is big.