About Ekorrens Ekologiska

About Ekorrens Ekologiska

Ekorrens Ekologiska was founded by Erika Hillergren and Charlotte Bladh André in 2008 with the ambition to prove that organic tastes good, and also to widen the choice available in shops by creating a healthier alternative. In the autumn of 2014, Ekorrens Ekologiska was bought by Arvid Nordquist as a natural addition to a brand that stands for taste and sustainability.

With great conviction, energy and passion, Erika Hillergren and Charlotte Bladh André started Ekorrens Ekologiska in 2008. It had to be a squirrel because of its lively character and sustainable working methods. In addition, the word "ekorren" (Swedish for squirrel) begins with "eko" (short for "ekologisk"; Swedish for organic). Ekorrens Ekologiska wants to attract more people to make organic choices when out shopping. An organic logo (such as the Euro-leaf or KRAV) is a confirmation that the product is free from oddities and produced in a sustainable way.

Ekorrens Ekologiska also reflects the fact that more people are discovering the benefits of organic products – for our health, for animals and for nature. We Swedes are world champions in sweet consumption and many of us are thinking about what we're actually putting in us.

At Arvid Nordquist, taste and sustainability are of paramount importance. We share Erika and Charlotte's values regarding ecology and sustainability. And we also believe that consumers should easily be able to buy good food which has been produced with respect for nature and animal welfare. Therefore, the takeover of Ekorrens Ekologiska in the autumn of 2014 was an obvious decision.

The acquisition of Ekorrens Ekologiska stands in line with Arvid Nordquist's focus on running a long-term sustainable business. The brand and range also expand our position within the confectionery category.

Håkan Ljungqvist, Director of Arvid Nordquist

The entire Ekorrens Ekologiska range is certified organic. Plus all carbon emissions are offset. In addition, many of our sweets are vegetarian, gluten-free and lactose-free.