Organic sweets

Organic sweets

Ekorrens Ekologiska stands for 100% organic sweets. Delicious sweets made with real fruits, berries and plants.

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This is Ekorrens Ekologiska

What are organic sweets?
What are organic sweets? →

Sour, salty and sweet! Organic sweets that taste of juicy peach, real liquorice root and sweet cocoa beans, Ekorrens Ekologiska offers a healthier alternative to conventionally produced sweets.

About Ekorrens Ekologiska
About Ekorrens Ekologiska →

Ekorrens Ekologiska was founded by Erika Hillergren and Charlotte Bladh André in 2008 with the ambition to prove that organic tastes good, and also to widen the choice available in shops by creating a healthier alternative. In the autumn of 2014, Ekorrens Ekologiska was bought by Arvid Nordquist as a natural addition to a brand that stands for taste and sustainability.